This site was created by concerned citizens of Lompico who are interested in an alternative to the current proposal to merge by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District. If you are reading this, it probably means you are of the same mind set and we would like you to know that you are NOT ALONE. We want to encourage you to create an account and to visit the Forum and FAQ tabs for more detailed information and to start and/or participate in a forum topic. This site will be updated daily, so come back often.

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"The merge will happen, either democratically or undemocratically" - Bill Smallman, LCWD Director

More proof of Lompico water board deceit

The following was submitted by John Ekizian, the first consultant the district hired after Mike Eggleston was let go. Word has it that the Lompico water board wanted him to write a scathing assessment of the district, and he refused.


Reference: Lompico water district, June 2010 monthly report by California Environmental Consulting

From the end of the report:

This is an address to the board:

Lastly I've stated out loud to a few of you that I think it is not a good idea to merge or give away your water rights, and water...

The reason measure N failed

Measure N failed because this (Lompico Water) board alienated anyone who questioned their merger plan, including people who have spent decades working to improve Lompico and its image.

Their ignorance and refusal to be responsive to a significant portion of the community forced us to become our own political force. The result was the defeat of measure N.

53% of registered voters in Lompico chose not to vote yes on Measure N by voting no or not voting at all.

Despite the claim we will never get...

Lompico Water in the Media

For those of you that think that if it's in the media it must be true...

  • The Lompico Water Board's only goal is to take control of our water away from us.
  • The Lompico Water Board releases extremely biased information.
  • The Lompico Water Board is the primary source of information for the media.
  • The media doesn't take the time to confirm the accuracy of anything the board tells them.
  • The media likes sensationalism and tends to make things sound and look worse than they really are.
  • Most media stories carry quotes from a board member.
  • ...

Who's behind the merge and bond effort

The most vocal proponents and many of the major players are Lower Lake Blvd residents. Many were part of the Lower Lake Blvd Road Association (LLBRA). Some were LLBRA board members.

Note: The LLBRA isn't even an official association, it's more like a club. They collected monies, supposedly for road maintenance, then refused to disclose details on where the monies went. In the past 5+ YEARS only one thing has been on their calendar, the monthly water district board meeting.

Most of you will remember when Lower Lake Blvd washed out. The Lower Lake crowd tried to blame the...

Is this childish, or what?



Not that I'm surprised, considering the source. Talk about sore loosers.

Just get over it. Time to move on.



Katie Cullen from Lompico Canyon 4h ago
I voted yes. The outcome sickens me to know how much ignorance exists in this canyon! Not only the naysayers, but the non voters as well. One stinking vote!
Hey naysayers! Are you going to pay our...

Lompico water bond fails by one vote

By Calvin Men, Santa Cruz Sentinel

Posted: 02/27/15, 7:51 PM PST

FELTON >> The $3.2 million bond that would have cemented a merger between the San Lorenzo Valley Water District and the ailing Lompico Water District failed by less than half a percent — or about one vote.

Of the 516 votes, 343 backed the measure — 66.47 percent — and 173 voted against it — 33.53 percent. If one of the no votes been a yes or if three additional votes come in as yes, the bond would have passed, said Gail Pellerin, Santa Cruz County Clerk.


The rest of the story...

Final Official Results for CFD No. 2 (Lompico Water) Special Election (Measure N)

It appears that Measure N has been defeated by a single vote.


CFD No. 2 (Lompico Water) Bond
1/1 100.00%

  Vote Count Percent
Yes    343     66.47%
No     173     33.53%
Total 516    100.00%


Never let anyone tell you that your vote doesn't count.





Results of LCC survey on measure N

Lompico residents overwhelmingly say that they have not received fair and unbiased information on the merge or bond.

How can anyone vote for these actions with incomplete information?

See the attached pdf file for the complete survey results.

REAL answers to the ongoing fear-mongering

  • “We will be paying the same rates as the rest of SLVWD”
  • “Lompico will have much lower rates as part of SLVWD”
  • “Lompicans will SAVE money”

We keep hearing this but have yet to see any proof that this will be the case. In fact, SLVWD has said on several occasions that Lompicans WILL pay more. They’ve mentioned using “teaser” or “introductory” rates to help insure the merge and bond are approved by Lompico then raising them later.

Proponents point to a SLVWD Board resolution as proof that we will pay the...

Tell me again how we can't possibly cut costs more

Proof that that are ways to cut costs further. All it takes is a board that's willing to think creatively and put some effort into it instead of taking the easy way out.

This is right here in the SF Bay Area.



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